Guide & FAQs

How will I benefit if I choose the 7 star HD package?

Our HD STB changes the way you view television. Everything right form picture and sound quality to a huge variety of channels to begin with, exclusive channels and global content that takes entertainment to another level.

What does HD package offer?

You may choose from a range of 50 plus HD channels, which includes; general Hindi and English entertainment, sports, infotainment, movies and news.
Also, it is a prepaid service that expires on a given date. We have a variety packages at our disposal which have be crafted keeping in mind the demand of our customers.

How much do I have to pay for an HD package?

HD package is an add on premium service on your regular STB package. Thus, you have pay additional HD costs apart from standard changes, which may vary as per your choice of HD channels.

Will I need any new equipment to run the HD package?

Yes, you may choose to exchange or replace your standard definition box with the HD box to enjoy the 1080 pixel of entertainment.



  • STANDBY Enter Standby mode or program-watching state
  • 0-9 Menu input the parameter value:non-menu:Select Channel
  • MUTE Mute the audio
  • MENU Display the Main Menu
  • BQT Display BAT List
  • EXIT Go to watching state
  • LEFT/RIGHT Change parameter/adjust volume
  • UP/DOWN MEnu mode:move cursor/turn channel
  • OK Operation confirmation/TV List/Radio List
  • PAGE+/- Page Turning
  • EPG Non Menu:activates the EPG
  • INFO Display information tape
  • TV/R Non-Menu:switch program mode between TV and radio
  • RECALL Recall Channel
  • FAV Display Your Favourites List
  • GAME Give game options
  • AUDIO Non-menu displays the Audio sub-menu
  • NVOD Enter the NVOS interface
  • HD Get into HD Channel List
  • MP3 Enter music selecting list
  • PIC Enter Album interface
  • TTX Enter Youtube
  • Keys of TV CONTROL Refer to the description on the back of the remote